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Nick Jones, batteur de The Jim Jones Revue




A force d'aller les voir un peu partout, on finissait pas se reconnaître entre amoureux du groupe The Jim Jones Revue, un joyeux mix de Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, du MC 5 de Rob Tyner qui se sentait concerné par leur époque: l'argent, la crise, les filles et le Rock. Je me voyais manifestant contre le NASDAQ sur "Where Da Money Go" avec Jim Jones en tête.

Les mots me manquent pour conclure cette aventure, voici ceux de Nick Jones qui raconte bien tout ça en anglais.

"So, that's all folks! The JJR is no more....... 
As I write this, am sitting in Paris sipping a coffee wondering what the future holds?

It's been an incredible journey that has taken us all over the world to play in so many amazing places. Without the support from our girlfriends, wives, families, friends, road crews and of course all our dedicated fans this wouldn't have been possible. Not to mention all the wonderful DJ's, fellow musicians and journalists that picked up and championed us from the early days...arise Sir Marc Riley BBC 6 music Shaun W Keaveny Steve LamacqLauren Laverne, Vic Galloway, Gideon Coe, John Kennedy and Mark Lamaar   Then there's the TV shows we appeared on like L'Album de La Semaine on France's Canal+, David Letterman Show and Jools Holland (Not a bad list there) and all the festivals like SXSW in Austin, Big Day Out in Australia, Rock En Seine and Vielles Charrues, Pukkelpop, Bumbershoot, Musicalarue....the list is endless (but for editing reasons and because am exhausted I'll stop there).
We played our first ever show in the Gypsy Hotel club in Dalston and finished almost 8 years later, on Sat night, only a few miles away in The Forum Kentish Town. We recorded that show which, I hope, caught us at the top of our game! A fitting end to an amazing journey   Places we rocked the absolute shit out of over the years were....
UK, Ireland, France, USA, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Holland, Slovenia, Croatia, Canada, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Portugal....phew am knackered just reading that list!! Sometimes it involved flying/driving to 3 different countries in a weekend - it was during one of these mad weekends we played in Strasbourg one night, then drove all the way back to The Forum, London   to support Jack White's Dead Weather. Then drove back to France, to Le Havre, to continue a tour! 

Another crazy weekend was when Henri blasted Charles De Gaulle airport departures lounge after we'd played Secret Garden Festival in UK. We rocked our stuff then drove straight to Gatwick covered in mud, flew to Marseille, drove to play Rock Knights festival and then drove straight back to the airport and flew to Paris after a mere1 hrs sleep!! Then got another flight up to Denmark to play Gutter Island Festival. You see, we were always 100% dedicated!! And so have our tirelss road crews in the UK, USA and Australia.They've had to stay alert ALL the time driving the vans, checking us into hotels, carrying and setting up and down all our equipment and making sure we have enough coffee and bananas to keep us going during those tiring hours and to guide us around the world and make sure that THEY too deliver their best work. So thanks to all you guys - you know who you are!!!
Whether it was to 100 people in a tiny sweaty cellar in Dijon or to thousands of people at big festivals like The Big Day Out in Australia we always tried to delivery our best shows. We definitely didn't take any prisoners!!
Amazingly, some of our "super fans" also flew across the world to catch a bit of JJR action too! This made us realise how much pleasure we gave people.The fans brought US so much pleasure too. We always made sure that before and after these shows, we would made the effort to meet and talk to the fans, sign autographs and pose for pictures. We were never one of those bands that turned up
So, now that this chapter has ended, a new one begins. I plan to eventually relocate here to Paris. I want to put a new musical project together. But, before then, my drumsticks are locked away for the next couple of months. I need time to relax and plan my next musical journey. My hands and ears have taken a beating!! Exactly, what or who am going to play with next I've no idea but, guaranteed that as soon as it's ready to be unleashed onto the unsuspecting public you'll hear all about it!!
It's no secret that one of my other passions is cycling. You only have to look at my FB posts and pictures to see that   It has a lot of similarities to music - it takes a lot of skill, dedication, practice, endurance and fitness. Am too old to ever dream of doing it competitively but, I do get a lot of pleasure from it. So, on that note am going to get out on my bike and continue to reflect on the everything we've achieved.
The Jim Jones Revue might have stopped but the music is still there. Keep seeking out new bands, whatever way you can and go and see them live!!!!
Until next time......."

N xxxx

Ils partent vers de nouvelles aventures, mais on n'oublie pas.

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